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Easy, automated reminders for the things that matter

From appointments, to trips, to medications, Reminderbase lets you effortlessly create text and email reminders that remind your friends, family and clients about the important things.

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Schedule text and email reminders

Create one-off or reoccurring text & email messages with links and images

Send from your personal or a custom phone number

Re-use templates and personalize your messages with individual information

Import your calendar and automatically send event reminders

Manage and grow your audience

Create contact lists for separate audiences for bulk messaging

Share your subscribe link to let new subscribers sign up for your contact list

Import contacts through your phone book

Have conversations with your audience through text and email

Millions of messages sent. Thousands of happy customers

From universities to ordinary people, thousands of happy customers are saving time with Reminderbase

Roo Hound

Really Solid, Well Done Reminder App

I’m not one to write reviews, but wow, this deserves a glowing one. This is an app that does what it says, does it exceptionally well, and doesn’t try to overreach or do too much. It’s easy to use, with a nice intuitive interface, and it’s extremely reliable. They are totally upfront about pricing and don’t nag or ad you to death to upgrade. What a classy developer.

Esteban Maraboli

I am very happy with the service provided by this app

I am a web designer and I needed a platform that would allow me to send appointments reminders, tasks, reminders for customer monthly subscriptions, domain expiration dates etc. This has simplified my business life 100%.

Javes Roy

Great app for sending texts!

I’ve been using the app for awhile now. Recently noticed that texts weren’t going through and reached out to support. They responded within 5 minutes and resolved my issue. I feel very confident using it for my businezs



What a great way to follow-up with people when you initiate an assignment. Put a reminder in the system so you do not have to think about it again

Kale Heel

So simple and elegant

Of all the reminder apps I’ve tried, this one is the best. It’s simple, elegant, and does exactly what I need it to do. I love the ability to set up recurring reminders, and the ability to send reminders to others is a great feature. Highly recommended!

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